Recycling Services

We offer the most competitive rates for domestic CRT recycling.

Transportation and collection fees may apply. Pickup service for business only, no residential pickups. Please contact us for more information: (507) 238-4945


  • Laptops and desktops
  • Inkjet and laserjet printers
  • Rack and tower servers
  • Copy machines and large printers
  • LCD/LED or plasma TV or monitor of any size
  • Stereos and speakers
  • Cable TV boxes, DVD/VCR players
  • Large servers or mainframes
  • All electronics are free of charge

Items Not Accepted

  • Appliances — motorized or not
  • Lightbulbs or fluorescent tubes

Billable Items

  • $10 CRT smaller than 19"
  • $15 CRT between 19" and 27"
  • $25 CRT greater than 28"
  • $15 LCD/LED TV or monitor with broken screen
  • $0.40/lb all projection/console TVs
  • $25 plasma tv
  • $0.25/lb CRT monitors and TVs for corporate customers
  • $2.00/lb alkaline batteries
  • Additional charges may apply for broken or dismantled electronics
  • Large load drop off: palletizing fee may apply